SlotsMillion steals the limelight

When it comes to online casino gaming, it is more often than not a field that IS dominated by the financially strong names. Billion pound firms like Bet365 and Bwin.Party will be familiar to most, but they aren’t all that’s available as far as online casino gaming goes. There are plenty of independent and smaller names that are more than holding their own with the industry. One casino that is definitely stealing its fair share of the limelight at the moment is SlotsMillion.

You may be wondering what is exactly is SlotsMillion, but the reality is that it is an online casino that you should start paying attention to, as the brand have already reached top poisitions on the many of the leading casino guides, including Vip Casino. Welcoming players from all corners of the world, SlotsMillion is an online casino that puts versatility front and centre within its presentation. If you are a player that wants an online casino that can mould to your playing style, you should keep SlotsMillion in mind.

Social Media Integration

For some odd reason some online casinos still to this day choose to neglect social media. The problem is that social media now makes up part of most players daily life. SlotsMillion have made sure that social media is fully integrated into their online casino operation. In order to make registration and signing-in as simple as ever, they have added support for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Through the instant play format, players can now make social media a key part of the playing experience. By all accounts registration can be completed in less than 20 seconds, which is extremely impressive in its own right. Social media has found a new home at SlotsMillion, as it is seemingly integrated at every turn.

Come On In

Choice is also a big factor within SlotsMillion, as when it comes to promotions they strive to treat members’ right. No matter what time you choose to register at SlotsMillion you can be sure that you will have a hefty Welcome Bonus waiting for you. Usually reaching the three-figure mark, bonuses from SlotsMillion may not be the biggest, but they are still very much of note. What makes this the case is the fact that they come with a famously low wagering requirement, of which you are unlikely to find at any other online casino name rival.

Notable Software

Making sure that players get off on the right foot when they play at SlotsMillion, they have decided to include games and software from some major industry names. Games from Quickspin, Microgaming, and NetEnt and a whole bunch of other game developers are offered, with all games meeting the regulations set out by the Malta Gaming Control Board. Making sure that players have the safest and most entertaining online casino experience around, it looks like SlotsMillion has worked hard to make sure that all bases are covered.

Underrated Experience

After playing at SlotsMillion for a brief amount of time you’ll begin to understand why it is criminal that this online casino doesn’t receive more press. Built with entertainment and ease of use in mind, SlotsMillion is actually very much a joy to play at. Featuring major releases such as Spell of Odin, Sinbad, Hook’s Heroes, Titans of the Sun, Bridesmaids, Big Bad Wolf, and Firestorm, along with various big promotions, SlotsMillion certainly has all the makings of a future casino classic.

How Virtual Reality represents the future of online casino gaming

When think about industries that stand permanently on the cusp of innovation, you must spare more than just a thought for the online casino industry. Since the late 1990s the industry has grown from being a niche activity for those who fancy a bit of gambling, to being all encompassing entertainment affair worth billions of pounds. The only way it has been able to grow to such a level is by embracing new technology at every opportunity. First came smooth 2D animations, then came 3D animations and officially licensed games, and just this past year live casinos made their debut. Progress is often everywhere you look in the world of online casino gaming, but it seems the very latest innovation could prove to be the crème de crème if online casino portal analysts are to be believed.

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is by no means a new concept in the world of digital entertainment. In fact, it has been around in one form another since the 1980s. The problem with VR is that in the past it has been so poorly executed or simply misunderstood by those it was supposed to entertain. For this reason it seems that the online casino industry has steered clear of it, until now that is. It seems that through a brand new SlotsMillion release, online casino players are going to get a taste of a VR based online casino gaming. Truly historic in every sense, the casino will be available through an Oculus Rift VR headset and marks the dawning of a ground breaking new era in casino gaming.

What has made the online casino industry (SlotsMillion in particular) warm up the VR concept has been the new technology attached to it. Back in the day, the concept of playing a VR based game was somewhat laborious. Not only were the games slow and clunky, the VR headsets involved were heavy and hard to manoeuvre. Those days are now long gone, as it seems that millions has been invested in making VR gaming and VR casino gaming truly user friendly. Heading up this user-friendly VR movement is Oculus Rift. A company that found fame through a Kickstarter campaign is now leading the VR revolution. What they have done is re-address the issues related to VR gaming by creating a headset that is compatible with multiple devices and truly light in design. It now seems the SlotsMillion is looking to put the Oculus Rift VR headset to work through a new VR casino venture.

The reality of the situation is the VR implementation represents the logical next step for online casino gaming. While the current 2D and 3D based platforms are doing well enough, an eye must remain looking to the future. For players who want a truly immersive online casino experience, that is exactly what VR represents. It works to bridge the gap between land-based casino play and online casino play, doing a fantastic job of it at that. SlotsMillion represents the very first online casino to take this step. The release will see players enjoy a private casino experience through a VR headset. When logged-in players will have access to 40 initial games and a 360 visual experience. It quite literally places you at the heart of a fully interactive digital casino, the likes of which have never been seen before.

SlotsMillion have announced their VR debut, but you can be rest assured that should it prove successful other online casinos will be quick to follow suit. Are you in the mood for trying them them out? Read a review of SlotsMillion and grab an exclusive bonus at their casino at

Boylesports opts to adopt the NYX OGS platform

The reality is that in today’s online casino gaming environment an in-house game selection and playing platform doesn’t cut it. These days if any online casino really wants to grow it must be able to mould to the needs of players, something that an in-house playing platform seldom allows for. Understanding the need for flexibility, Boylesports has made the move to introduce a new platform through a partnership with NYX. NYX OGS is widely considered to be one the very best online casino gaming platforms, and regularily has their casinos featured on, and other well reputed gaming portals. Through seamless game integration and snappy operating speeds, NYX OGS is making all the right moves. By incorporating it into their online casino operation, Boylesports is hoping that NYX OGS can help improve their position within the market.

NYX OGS Continues Grow

Any online betting provider these days understands that a high-quality casino platform is often worth its weight in gold. This platform needs to be both robust and flexible, something that NYX OGS provides. In 2015 it has emerged as the gold standard in online casino gaming platforms and one that is working to help the industry grow. What NYX OGS allows partnering online casinos to do is operate more efficiently by presenting an all-in-one gambling experience. Speaking on the growing popularity of the platform, NYX Gaming Group Commercial Director David Johnson said “Having established ourselves as a leading online casino game developer, we realised that we need a platform to match the quality of our creations. NYX OGS is a new platform that is built for the future and stands as a testament to how we strive for excellence within the field”. The hype engulfing NYX OGS is immense, but in the large part it seems to be well justified given its quality.

Growing Presence

For the large part Boylseports are a forgotten presence within the world of online casino gaming, but that could be about to change. Through the agreement Boylesports are bringing on-board a new platform, one that comes with it a selection of brand new games. In the coming weeks Merlin’s Millions, Foxin’ Wins, and Jackpot Jester 50,000 are all set to debut, making for some exciting times for current Boylsesports members. Speaking on the new partnership Boylesports Head of Gaming Patrick Thornton stated, “What this new partnership presents is untold potential. Not only is the NYX OGS going to bring players an exciting new online casino experience, it going to bring with a selection of enthralling new games too”. Johnson also spoke warmly on the new agreement, “We are delighted to be working with Boylesports and hope that NYX OGS brings them swift success in the near future”. From all that’s been said it is clear that Boylesports are making plenty of noise and the rest of the industry is sitting up and taking notice.

Where to find NYX games

NYX OGS keeps growing, and the demand for their games is at an all time high. More and more casinos are now integrating their software on to their platforms. The best thing about this, is that there are plenty of bonuses around to take advantage of. I love a good no deposit bonus and usually look for them at, where you can find deals at many casinos offering the NYX range of casino games.

Major Progress

Downtrodden and light-years behind the competition, it is easy to visit an online casino portal and overlook Boylesports. Hardly offering a reputable service in the past, it seems that times are changing. Boylsports, through a new agreement with NYX, are introducing the highly reputable NYX OGS to their operation and the news is generating plenty of excitement. Under this new agreement it seems that Boylesports is making major progress as an online casino operator, becoming one to watch in 2016 and beyond.